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Ready, Set…Go Horse Shop!

Written by on October 3, 2017

Getting The Most from Go Horse Shop (GHS)

As a new visitor to Go Horse Shop, you’re probably impressed with not only the quality of horses listed for sale, but the ease of navigation through the site and the individualized disciplines for seamless equine shopping. Everything from eventing, to polo, to prospects, and almost everything in between? You bet.

Now that you’ve done some browsing around, you’re ready to learn everything Go Horse Shop has to offer, and how you can benefit from the perks of buying or selling with this recently established equine selling platform. Read on to find out how to maximize GHS, and how it can make buying or selling a horse one of the easiest things you’ll do this week.

Is a Membership For You?

membershipSo, you’re in the market to sell your fantastic prospect or proven hunter-jumper champion (maybe even both). At GHS, we’ve got you covered. Here’s some of the benefits to becoming a member to buy or sell your next horse:

  • Create your own listing, and have access to view all listings throughout the site
  • Ability to save your favorite listings for later reference
  • Engage and interact with other GHS members by joining the member forum and posting comments on our blog
  • Receive recent news and updates on the latest events happening in the equestrian world
  • Access to exclusive GHS members-only discounts and incentives from your favorite equine brands

Essentially, there’s not much you can’t do when you join GHS and become a member of its active equine community.

Which Membership Should I Choose?

GHS offers several types of memberships that were designed to meet the varying needs of buyers and sellers. No matter which membership you choose, registration is free, and you’ll automatically receive the GHS weekly newsletter featuring that week’s top horses for sale. Here’s a quick overview of the 4 types of memberships GHS offers:


  • Buyer- For just $3.99 per month, you can dream up your perfect equine partner and post it as an In-Search-Of (ISO) ad. Sellers who have steeds who match your criteria can then reach out to you and see if it’s a good match!


  • Basic- This is a great option for someone selling just one horse for one exclusive discipline, like polo or breeding. You’ll pay $3.99 per month and still receive access to special member incentives and discounts.


  • Seller- Professional seller? Then this option might be for you. With the Seller membership, you can list up to 3 horses per month in 2 different categories all for $9.99 a month. And yes, you’ll also have access to the member discounts, perks, and incentives. What’s also special with the Seller membership is that your posts will now get boosted on social media, marketed to our network of fellow equestrians, and promoted to our GHS community. One more thing…GHS is now offering a 15-day trial of the seller membership…at no charge!


  • Trainer- Move over and make way for the high rollers of equine selling! With the Trainer membership, you’re able to list 6 horses for sale in 3 different categories, and receive all the special perks that the Seller membership offers (discounts and incentives, social media promotion, and marketing to our community). $19.99 per month is a small price to pay for these valuable services that will help get your horses sold faster than other equine selling sites. As an added bonus: after 60 days of Trainer membership, you’ll even have access to viewing ISO ads posted by Buyers.


Why Choose GHS?

GHS works to ensure that you have success with selling, whether it’s one horse, or multiple. Their systems work to market towards the right buyers, and puts your horse in front of as many of these best-match buyers as possible, ensuring your horse not only gets sold fast, but to the right person.

GHS also lessens your load by taking the footwork out of selling your horse, so you only have to post it in once place, and they take care of the rest. They also post on popular horse selling Facebook groups, drastically increasing the amount of viewers your horse’s sale ad will be exposed to.

They are even introducing a new members-only text messaging system within the site to allow buyers and sellers to connect easily and hassle free (sort of like Facebook Messenger).

So, if you want your hose to sell fast, and if you want it to be done with the least amount of work on your end, GHS is the clear choice in selecting a horse selling platform. You can cancel, change, or upgrade your membership at any time, and as long as you maintain your membership, your ads won’t expire. It’s easy to see why GHS has grown at a progressive rate and is increasingly becoming the top choice of horse selling websites.

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