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When choosing footing for a new or existing arena, the options can seem overwhelming. There are many types of footings, as well as additives, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. There is no universally perfect footing, and what works best will depend on many factors.  Sand Sand is one of the most common footing […]

Check out this mansion that was shot because videographer was led to believe, by the village, that this house was once owned by Olympic Eventer, Lucinda Green. Yet, Lucinda never owned, nor stepped foot in this house.

Last night, Monday February 11th, we broadcast our first LIVE webinar! This webinar discussed how you take a proven path to mentally face the things in the way of your progress.  Dr. Jill Wierzba has a doctorate in kinesiology – the study of human movement and performance, and a masters degree in sport psychology – […]

Hello and Welcome to 4Equestrians, your source for everything horse! We are very excited to add Dr. Jill Weirzba to our team. She will be hosting broadcasts which will allow audience participation! This series is about building and maintaining mental toughness. Mentally tough riders know how to think, what to think, (how to stop thinking […]

Congratulations to MD Eventing on her new phenomenal site! We had a blast helping her design it and the final product is amazing. Check it out at If you are in need of a new site or simply want to spruce up your current site contact us today to get started!

For Immediate Release IMPORTANT ANNOUNCEMENT: First, I want to thank everyone that has supported us since 2016 as GoHorse and I am so proud of what we have accomplished and the brand we have built. Unfortunately another company decided to trademark the GoHorse name as their own even though we have full rights to it. As […]

International event rider and trainer Lellie Ward has owned Paradise Farm for over 20 years, and over that time span through Lellie’s dedication and talents, Paradise Farm has become an Aiken staple and a major draw for the eventing community. Paradise Farm is known for Lellie’s exceptional training and teaching ability, gorgeous facility, perfect hills, […]

Getting The Most from Go Horse Shop (GHS) As a new visitor to Go Horse Shop, you’re probably impressed with not only the quality of horses listed for sale, but the ease of navigation through the site and the individualized disciplines for seamless equine shopping. Everything from eventing, to polo, to prospects, and almost everything […]