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Author: 3Encores


January 21, 2020


There are several design trends that will be important in 2020. Three of those trends will mobile first, minimalism and security. Mobile First Over 60% of web traffic is coming from mobile devices. With smart phones, iPads and wearable technology hitting the market regularly, consumers have access to the internet anywhere, anytime. Mobile-first design takes […]

Many equestrians and equine businesses come to us confused about how to allocate dollars beyond their overhead and basic expenses. Marketing, promotions, sponsorships, growth hacking… So many options. One that 4Equestrians feels is critical to success for these businesses, especially those new to their market or area, is design. Some equestrians feel design is an […]

Today’s Internet world revolves around the ever-changing, even morphing, world of websites. It has become increasingly important to keep your website, social media and blogs active and interesting. I started thinking back to a time when websites were just a couple of images and some text. Usually that original site was just a couple of […]

If you are reading this you would like to know the 3 key elements to be successful on the web for any Equestrian, Brand, Business/Professional. We feel that there are 3 things to always remember when presenting yourself online. 1) Update Web Content Frequently Keeping your websites content fresh and new is a pertinent way […]