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When choosing footing for a new or existing arena, the options can seem overwhelming. There are many types of footings, as well as additives, each with their own benefits and drawbacks. There is no universally perfect footing, and what works best will depend on many factors.  Sand Sand is one of the most common footing […]

Many pest insects thrive in the stable environment. Unfortunately, they often cause horses irritation, stress, pain, hair loss and allergic reactions. Some of the most common equine pest insects are common flies, stable flies, horse flies, ticks, gnats, mosquitoes, and bot flies. There are a variety of management techniques that can be effective against these […]

The first step to knowing if your horse needs to gain or lose weight is to discern what the ideal is. The Henneke body condition chart, ranging from one to nine, has been developed for this specific reason. Anything between four and six is considered ideal.This range allows for differences in conformation, activity level, discipline, […]

EquiCenter’s Mission MustangTM Pairs Two American Icons for Journey Toward Mutual Growth and Healing Honeoye Falls, NY—Hyper-vigilance. Stress. Anxiety. These are just a few classic post-traumatic stress (PTS) emotions experienced by veterans returning from combat and other military service. Approximately 540,000 American veterans are diagnosed with PTS, and countless more remain undiagnosed, but struggle with it daily. Another American symbol of […]

In the spring of 2014, a new lesson, boarding and sales facility, Bay Point Equestrian Center, LLC, opened on Maryland’s Eastern Shore. The farm belongs to Jessica Snyder, who in planning her facility offered a job to her Purdue University roommate, Mallory Distler. Fast forward five years later, and Distler, 32, is not only the […]

Jumping Branch Farm, located in Aiken, SC is for sale! This beautiful farm is boasts 115 acres of hills, cross-county jumps, a galloping track, what more could an equestrian want? Immediate income to be generated…YES, you get that too! Check it out Jumping Branch Farm is for Sale To view more information, go to Jumping […]

Many equestrians and equine businesses come to us confused about how to allocate dollars beyond their overhead and basic expenses. Marketing, promotions, sponsorships, growth hacking… So many options. One that 4Equestrians feels is critical to success for these businesses, especially those new to their market or area, is design. Some equestrians feel design is an […]

Welcome to Want it Wednesdays. This focus of this new series is to give our listeners information about equestrian and equestrian related products and services available in the marketplace. Listen in. This week’s presenter was Magna Wave. Wednesday April 1, 2019 we had Alane Paulley from Magna Wave discuss how it works, its uses and […]

Today’s Internet world revolves around the ever-changing, even morphing, world of websites. It has become increasingly important to keep your website, social media and blogs active and interesting. I started thinking back to a time when websites were just a couple of images and some text. Usually that original site was just a couple of […]

If you are reading this you would like to know the 3 key elements to be successful on the web for any Equestrian, Brand, Business/Professional. We feel that there are 3 things to always remember when presenting yourself online. 1) Update Web Content Frequently Keeping your websites content fresh and new is a pertinent way […]